Inventory Control in Microsoft Dynamics GP – Training

This course shows you how to define default system parameters to improve user efficiency and cut down on costly data entry errors. These parameters include General Ledger accounts used in the Inventory Control module, as well as sites, product classes, valuation methods, and more. This course shows you how to group items for pricing, promotional, or analytical purposes and by type, such as finished goods, raw material, component, and more. You learn how to quickly find information such as inventory quantity on hand, quantity available, quantity on back order, costs, and list prices, and where to drill down to transaction details. You learn how to manage multiple sites, multiple bins within sites, negative quantities, and lot/serial numbers. You see how Lot/Serial Number tracking is streamlined during inventory transaction entry. You will also learn how to simplify entry and reconciliation of physical inventory counts.

This course is intended for anyone who plans to implement, use, maintain, consult, or support any part of the Inventory and Order Processing series. The class is targeted toward administrators, office managers, CEOs, and consultants who need to understand the technical aspects of Inventory Control and gain foundational knowledge of the application functionality.



  • Understand how Inventory Control module transactions integrate with other Microsoft Dynamics GP modules
  • Define Inventory Control setup options that allow you to customize the system to better fit your organization’s unique needs
  • Use the Inventory Control module to process receipts, make adjustments to inventory, and transfer transactions
  • Use Inventory Control inquiry screens and reports to extract and analyze appropriate information to maintain and improve inventory business processes
  • Create and assemble kits
  • Understand how maintenance screen options affect transactions in the Inventory Control module
  • Process physical inventory transactions and record the results
  • Document month-end processes and close the Inventory Control module



Module 1: Overview and Setup

  • Course Description
  • Module Overview
  • Process Flow
  • Inventory Setup
  • Unit of Measure
  • Price Levels
  • Price Groups


Module 2: Item and Pricing Setup

  • Item Class Setup
  • Item Maintenance
  • Item Accounts
  • Item Price Lists
  • Item Quantities
  • Item Purchasing Options
  • Item Vendors Maintenance
  • Item Kits
  • Site Maintenance
  • Item Stock Count Cycles
  • Customer Item Maintenance
  • Beginning Quantities
  • Item History


Module 3: Daily Procedures

  • Transaction Entry Overview
  • Posting Overview
  • Inventory Batch Entry
  • Adjustment and Variance Transactions
  • Item Transfers
  • Bin Transfer Entry
  • In-Transit Transfer
  • Stock Count Scheduling
  • Stock Count Entry


Module 4: Editing and Removing Records

  • Change and Delete Records
  • Reconcile
  • Adjust Costs
  • Change Valuation Methods
  • Change Decimal Places
  • Price List Utilities
  • Remove History
  • Remove Bins
  • Purge In-Transit Transfer
  • Using Inquiry Windows
  • Reports
  • Report Lists


Module 5: Period-End Procedures

  • Period-End Procedures
  • Year-End Closing Procedures

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