The maximum number of users are logged into the system – Removing a stranded user

As you may or may not know, user licensing for Dynamics GP is based on concurrent use. Simply put, if you own 10 user licenses, only 10 can log in at any time. Once a user logs out, it frees up a license to be used by another user.

From time to time, a user login record may become stranded, or locked, in the table. This can occur due to improper log out of the software as a result of power outage, workstation freeze up, disconnection from the network etc.

When this happens, the user license cannot be used by another user. To remedy the situation:

  • Simply click on the large Microsoft Dynamics GP button (usually located on the upper left side of the main menu)
  • Navigate to Tools>>Utilities>>System>>User Activity.
  • On this window (see screenshot below), select the user that is stranded and click Delete.

This will release the user lock.

An alternative method is to remove the stranded user record directly from the ACTIVITY table which can be found in the DYNAMICS database. IMPORTANT – Do not delete the user record unless you are absolutely sure the user is not currently working in the software. Removing the stranded record while data is being entered or edited by the user will result in data corruption.

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Removing a stranded user in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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