Report Writer-Training

[Note-Microsoft Dynamics GP – All versions available]

Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Writer training is recommended for people who plan to implement, configure, consult, or support Microsoft Dynamics GP and want to modify existing reports or create their own custom reports using Report Writer. The training is targeted toward application administrators, implementers, and end-users of the Report Writer application who need to understand the technical aspects of Report Writer and gain foundational knowledge of the application functionality and capabilities.


At Training Material Completion

After completing this training, individuals should be able to:

  • Determine the setup configuration they want to use for Report Writer
  • Identify where modified reports are stored and how to limit access to certain reports using Microsoft Dynamics GP security
  • Create user-defined sorts and restrictions so information appears in the order desired, and only the information you want appears on a report
  • Understand general report layout functionality
  • Place text, report fields, graphics, and other items on a report layout
  • Modify existing reports to better fit their reporting needs
  • Design custom reports to access important application data
  • Identify the sections of a report and how to add additional headers & footers
  • Link tables together so reports can be developed using multiple data tables
  • Create user defined links for related tables that have common keys
  • Create user-defined fields by using calculated and conditional expressions
  • Understand how Field Options can be used to generate needed information
  • Import reports between report dictionaries using the Customization Maintenance window functionality

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