Installation and Configuration-Training

[Note- Microsoft Dynamics GP – All versions available]

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Installation and Configuration course provides the tools to help users understand technologies and techniques necessary to successfully install Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Installation and Configuration training is recommended for people who plan to install, implement, configure, consult, or support Microsoft Dynamics GP. The class is intended for administrators, implementers, developers, and consultants who need to understand the technical aspects of Microsoft Dynamics GP. The course is not intended for non-technical staff.


  • Identify requirements and prerequisites for installing Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Install Microsoft SQL Server
  • Install Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Use Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities to uniquely configure an installation and perform any other required tasks for an installation
  • Troubleshoot installation issues and errors
  • Identify hardware and software requirements for desktop clients
  • Install Microsoft Dynamics GP desktop on a client computer
  • Create an Installation Package
  • Understand how to install service packs and updates to Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Identify the prerequisites and requirements for the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client
  • Understand the components and concepts of the web client
  • Complete necessary system setups within the Microsoft Dynamics GP application such as home pages, passwords, users, and security
  • Set up company information
  • Configure, backup, and maintain SQL databases for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Understand how to optimize performance and troubleshoot issues with Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Understand how to set up and use a process server for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Identify the available reporting options that are available for Microsoft Dynamics GP and set up and configure them for use



Module 1: System Requirements and SQL Server Installation
This module outlines the recommendations and the requirements that you must have to install Microsoft SQL Server for use with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Additionally, this module covers tips for optimizing the system in preparation for the installation of Microsoft Dynamics GP. This includes network requirements and server configuration.


  • Microsoft Dynamics GP System Requirements
  • Microsoft SQL Server Installation and Configuration
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express Installation and Configuration
    SQL Server Books Online

Module 2: Data Server Installation and Utilities
This module explains how to select the location and features that will be installed to meet the organization’s specific requirements.


  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Installation
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities – Basic Installation
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities – Advanced Installation
  • SQL Server Changes After System Database Initialization
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities – Additional Tasks
  • Troubleshoot Errors

Module 3: Desktop Client Installation, Components and Maintenance
This module explains how to complete an installation for a desktop client. It also discusses how to create an installation package, to install other desktop clients and provides background on key components and features that are available in Microsoft Dynamics GP to maintain the application for end users.


  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Desktop Client Prerequisites, Requirements and Installation
  • Client Installation Package
  • Service Packs and Automatic Updates
  • Installation Components and Files
  • Identity Columns
  • Stored Procedures

Module 4: Web Client Installation and Components
This module describes the process that is used to install Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client. The module also discusses the prerequisites and the requirements for an installation.


  • Web Client Installation and Components
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client Installation
  • Navigation Comparison
  • Troubleshooting the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client

Module 5: System Manager
This module discusses the setup of system and company settings such as home page, users, passwords, user security and preferences necessary when setting up Microsoft Dynamics GP.


  • Home Page
  • System Setup
  • Security
  • Advanced Financial Analysis Reports Security
  • User Activity and Preferences
  • Company Setup

Module 6: Post Installation Administration
This module explains the administrative tasks that are necessary after installation of Microsoft Dynamics GP to help ensure consistency and maintain performance of the system. It introduces the tools that are used to perform these tasks.


  • Database Options
  • Database Backup Procedures
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP – SQL Maintenance
  • Drop and Create Auto Procedures
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Database Maintenance Utility
  • SQL Database Maintenance (DBCC)
  • Use the Microsoft SQL Server Maintenance Plan Wizard
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Maintenance Procedures

Module 7: Optimize Performance and Troubleshooting
This module discusses how to monitor performance and troubleshoot issues with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft SQL Server. It also includes considerations for when you use the Microsoft Windows Server operating systems.


  • Windows Server Considerations
  • SQL Server Configuration
  • Optimize a SQL Relational Database
  • Analyze Network and Microsoft SQL Server Performance
  • Optimization Summary
  • Troubleshooting – Identify the Issue
  • Troubleshooting – Types of Issues and Resolution Sources
  • Troubleshooting – Tools
  • Batch Recovery Process

Module 9: Reporting
This module provides information on the available reporting options in Microsoft Dynamics GP and what is needed from an installation and setup prospective to use these different reporting options.


  • Report Writer – Manage Reports and Report Security
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Analyzer
  • Microsoft Office Excel Reports Deployment and Configuration
  • Microsoft Word Templates – Configuration and Maintenance
  • Distribute Reports by Email
  • Report Scheduler
  • Management Reporter 2012 Installation and Configuration


Lab: Install Microsoft Dynamics GP
Lab: Run Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities
Lab: Create a Client Installation Package
Lab: User Setup, Company Access and Security
Lab: Back Up Database
Lab: Microsoft SQL Server Memory Options
Lab: Using Microsoft SQL Profiler
Lab: Create a Dexsql.log
Lab: Create a Modified Report
Lab: Create a Custom Report
Lab: Deploy Excel Reports
Lab: Schedule a Report

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